Main Topics:
1、Basic Physics of Electrical Discharge in Power Equipment
2、Interaction between Materials and Discharge/Insulation
3、Multi-Scale Simulation and Analysis of Electrical Materials
4、Space Charge Dynamics of Insulating Media
5、Plasma Dynamics Calculation of Electrical Discharge
6、Multi-physics Simulation and Optimization for Power Equipment (includes but Not limited to Thermal Field, Electromagnetic Field, Fluid Field and Mechanism Calculation)
7、Digital Twinning Technology for Power Equipment
8、Investigation on Power Equipment Degradation and Virtual Prototype Technology
9、Other Topics Related to the Computing of Electrical Discharge and Insulation for Power Equipment


Call for abstracts:
1、The contents of the papers are required to comply with the above conference topics and the confidentiality regulations of the country and.
2、The conference requires abstracts (Chinese or English), or receives full paper submissions, which will be compiled in the proceeding, but full paper is not required from the participants .The outstanding manuscripts recommended by the Organizing Committee and reviewed by the editorial office can be published in ‘Plasma Science and Technology’, ‘Electrical Technology Journal’, ‘High Voltage Electrical Appliances’ or ‘High Voltage Technology’ as the special issues. 
3、The submission website

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