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1st Announcement : 2 March 2021
2nd Announcement : 7 April 2021
3rd Announcement : 7 May 2021
Deadline for submission of abstracts or full texts: 6 June 2021
Deadline for Hotel Reservation: 16 June 2021
Deadline for Online Registration: 10 July 2021
Schedule of the conference:
Opening ceremony: July 16.
Presentations and exchanges: July 17 to July 18.
Prize-awarding and closing ceremony: on the evening of July 18.


The First Announcement on 2021 3rd International Symposium on Insulation and Discharge Computation for Power Equipment (IDCOMPU2021)

Dear colleagues:

The transformation of energy structure and the large-scale development of renewable energy have led to a new round of major changes in the power system. Especially, with the rapid development of the new technology represented by the multi-terminal flexible DC transmission and distribution, a large number of new-type power equipment has been produced.

The working scene of the electrical power equipment is quite complicated, and it usually involves the coupling of multi-physical field during the insulation and discharge. Additionally, the electromagnetic field and the plasma discharge has strong interaction with the materials. Therefore, these difficulties result in the long period and high cost during the R&D of the power equipment. Much effort has been made to establish more accurate calculation methods in order to shorten the design and development cycle of power equipment and reduce R&D costs. In addition, most simulation software on the power equipment is developed by the  foreign companies, so it is urgent to develop a power equipment computing and analysis platform with independent intellectual property rights.

By introducing several theories and analytical methods in the field of electromagnetism, heat transfer, mechanics, atomic and molecular physics,people's understanding of the complex physical process involved in various electric power equipment is deepening.In the meantime, the rapid development of new technologies as artificial intelligence and big data in recent years creates new opportunities for the further improvement of insulation and discharge computation in power equipment .

The 2021 3rd International Symposium on Insulation and Discharge Computation for Power Equipment will be co-sponsored by Electrical Contact and Arc Committee of China Electrotechnical Society, Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment Committee of China Electrotechnical Society, Engineering Dielectric Committee of China Electrotechnical Society, Power Transformation Committee of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, Plasmas and their Applications Committee of China Electrotechnical Society, Switchgear Committee of IEEE PES and IET Xi’an Network.
This conference will be held will be held from July 16 to 18, 2021, Xi’an, China.(The detailed location will be announces later).The meeting will be jointly organized by the School of Electrical Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi' an High Voltage Electrical Research Institute Co., Ltd., and the State key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation of Power equipment. If there is any other epidemic prevention arrangements from the government, the schedule will be adjusted accordingly and another announcement will be issued.

This conference will comprehensively explore the achievements and latest progress in the field of electrical discharge and insulation computing for power equipment, deeply discuss the opportunities and challenges we are facing in this field, advocate the independent development of China's computing software, strengthen the academic exchanges among the peers in electrical equipment computing, establish a platform for cooperation between industry, university and institutes, promote the communication and contact with other disciplines and industries in the related field, and finally aim to develop the power equipment design and manufacturing technology in China.The Organizing Committee sincerely invites the colleagues from the academies and industries all over the country, and warmly welcomes overseas colleagues to visit. The conference will issue 10 conference excellent thesis awards and conference excellent oral report awards for young researchers and graduate students, and each winner will be awarded honorary certificates and bonuses.

The matters related to the conference are notified as follows:


Main Topics:
1、Basic Physics of Electrical Discharge in Power Equipment
2、Interaction between Materials and Discharge/Insulation
3、Multi-Scale Simulation and Analysis of Electrical Materials
4、Space Charge Dynamics of Insulating Media
5、Plasma Dynamics Calculation of Electrical Discharge
6、Multi-physics Simulation and Optimization for Power Equipment (includes but Not limited to Thermal Field, Electromagnetic Field, Fluid Field and Mechanism Calculation)
7、Digital Twinning Technology for Power Equipment
8、Investigation on Power Equipment Degradation and Virtual Prototype Technology
9、Other Topics Related to the Computing of Electrical Discharge and Insulation for Power Equipment


Call for abstracts:
1、The contents of the papers are required to comply with the above conference topics and the confidentiality regulations of the country and.
2、The conference requires abstracts (Chinese or English), or receives full paper submissions, which will be compiled in the proceeding, but full paper is not required from the participants .The outstanding manuscripts recommended by the Organizing Committee and reviewed by the editorial office can be published in ‘Plasma Science and Technology’, ‘Electrical Technology Journal’, ‘High Voltage Electrical Appliances’ or ‘High Voltage Technology’ as the special issues. 
3、The submission website will be announced later.


Regular:  1500 yuan/person
Student:  900 yuan/person
Registration fee includes the meeting materials, lunch and dinner during the meeting.
Registration and payment website will be announced later.


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